About · Celli @ Berkeley

Our Story

Celli@Berkeley was created one night in 2012 after the cellists of the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra realized that the only thing better than one cello was many, many cellos.

Composed of eighteen undergraduate and graduate students studying a variety of academic disciplines (including math, music, environmental science, computer science, chemistry, biology, business, and architecture), Celli is united by a desire to express the possibilities of the cello. We love performing and sharing music ranging from classical to pop, not only in concert halls but also outdoors - by the Campanile, in art galleries and cafes, at marathons or flea markets, and on the streets of Berkeley!

Our Goals

The ultimate goal of Celli@Berkeley is to generate new repertoire for cello ensembles around the world. As a student organization, however, our goal is to provide a safe space for individuals to discover their own style of playing. We aim to empower members to grow as musicians, leaders, and ensemble-players, as well as support their professional development. Members of Celli are encouraged to be both teachers and students among their peers.

Our Cellists

Freshman, Computer Science
· · ·
Aaron has a twin!

Aaron Chen

Junior, Computer Science
· · ·
Rosa laughs at her own jokes and hopes that one day others will too.

Rosa Choe

Freshman, Conservation & Resource Studies
· · ·
Anna has pet snails and loves to bake pie.

Anna Conway

Freshman, EECS and Business
· · ·
Vince's favorite band is 2Cellos.

Vince Han

Freshman, Music and Architecture
· · ·
Robert likes cold weather and, incidentally, warm layering.

Robert Hurley

Sophomore, Computer Science
· · ·
Chris has watched every single Gordon Ramsay cooking video on the internet.

Chris Jereza

Freshman, MCB
· · ·
Alex loves red pandas and tea!

Alex Kum

Senior, Music and MCB
· · ·
James drinks jasmine green tea everyday.

James Lim

Sophomore, Music and MCB
· · ·
Lanvi's name means baby orchid.

Lanvi Lu

Senior, CS and Math
· · ·
Yuki's grandfather owns Daiso.

Yuki Mizuno

Junior, Environmental Science
· · ·
Chellie never leaves the house without a cup of tea and an existential crisis.

Chellie Nayar

Freshman, Chemical Biology
· · ·
If Krish didn't play cello, he would get acrylic nails.

Krish Nayar

Senior, Music and CS
· · ·
Rohan enjoys relaxing with knitting and tea.

Rohan Sikdar

Class of 2017, Physics and Astrophysics
· · ·
Leo owns more than twenty tie-dye shirts and wears one almost every day.

Leo Steinmetz

Freshman, Undecided
· · ·
Lydia pronounces the 'e' in 'artichoke'.

Lydia Wen

Freshman, Music
· · ·
Gavin has nothing to say.

Gavin Williams

Sophomore, Music and MCB
· · ·
Isaac enjoys good gifs and peach Calpico.

Isaac Witte

Sophomore, Applied Math
· · ·
Jeanie goes to Target when she's bored.

Jeanie Won

Past Cellists

Class of 2014, Peace & Conflict Studies and French
· · ·
Cindy dreams of the day when she too, can become a cat.

Cindy Hickox

Class of 2018, Undeclared
· · ·
Kelly's eyeliner is always on point.

Kelly Hong

Class of 2015, Public Health
· · ·
Karen's greatest weakness is watermelon.

Karen Hsu

Class of 2016, Music and MCB
· · ·
Melody is an avid fan of trail mix, blogilates, and all things punny.

Melody Huang

Class of 2017, MCB
· · ·
Alex shares the same birthday with none other than the great Mstislav Rostropovich.

Alex Joo

Graduate Student, Chemistry
· · ·
Sam wired his own hot tub.

Sam Leachman

Class of 2016, Public Health
· · ·
Matt plays the oboe and is single and ready to mingle.

Matt Lee

Class of 2016, Statistics
· · ·
Rachel likes spicy.

Rachel Lee

Class of 2018, Psychology
· · ·
Elizabeth is from Washington.

Elizabeth Mo

Class of 2016, History
· · ·
Graham was named after a cracker. His greatest strength is his hair.

Graham Nelson

Class of 2017, MCB
· · ·
Christina enjoys unicorn searching in her spare time...but has yet to find one.

Christina Park

Class of 2013, Music
· · ·
Rio is in New York, where he works at Carnegie Hall.

Rio Vander Stahl

Class of 2016, Music
· · ·
Kane once had a pet hedgehog.

Kane Suga

Class of 2014, Music and Society & Environment
· · ·
Mosa is terrified of ovens.

Mosa Tsay

Class of 2015, Chemistry
· · ·
Lukas contains a tasty nougat-filled core.

Lukas Whaley-Mayda

Class of 2018, Architecture
· · ·
Felix is secretly British and loves Sherlock.

Felix Yiu